Welcome to Eyecare NG

We are here to help you gain practical knowledge, build skills and access resources to help you see better, manage your eye conditions well, use your eyes comfortably and safely and maximize your vision for better performance.

....all about eye care, protection & performing at your best.

Eyecare NG is an eye care promotion and development agency founded by Dr Rose Azuike, an Optometrist and Public Health Specialist with keen interest in patient empowerment, inspirational communication and practice development as tools for positive eye care behaviour change and practice growth.

We are dedicated to helping consumers who want to maintain good lifetime vision and perform at their best despite their vision problems. We have specific interests in the preventive and empowerment approach to eye care and protection and so focus on research, awareness promotion, education, self management skills development and other support aimed at minimizing the long term consequences of chronic eye diseases.

Persons who require eye examination, diagnosis and treatment of their eye problems can access these services at our clinic, Kesona Eye Centre, located in Surulere, Lagos.

The goal is to reduce avoidable vision loss and increase the number of people with manageable vision problems who perform at their best potential.