We are here to help you protect and maximize your vision for better performance

Eyecare NG is an eye care promotion and development agency dedicated to helping consumers protect and maximize their vision for better performance.  

We do this by leveraging empowering communication and strategic partnerships to overcome the knowledge, attitude and skills barriers that prevent people from seeking professional eye care. We inform, educate and empower people with the skills and tools to help them see better, manage their eye problems well, use their eyes comfortably and safely, and maximize your vision for better performance.

We have specific interests in the preventive and empowerment approach to eye care and so focus on issues relating to the following:

  • Prevention of eye conditions before they occur.
  • Early detection and treatment of eye conditions to prevent permanent damage.
  • Maximizing vision to improve performance at work, school, sports and other activities.
  • Minimizing the long-term consequences of chronic eye conditions and improving as much as possible the ability of people with these conditions to function normally and live a productive and fulfilled life.

Eyecare NG started in June 2018 as the foremost online eye care information, education and business marketing service provider in Nigeria. We started with this website and other online communication platforms that serve as the go-to sources for information on eye health and safety issues, services and products in Nigeria.  In the course of implementing our activities we observed a need to focus on consumers and so have streamlined our activities to ensure concentrated effort and maximum impact on consumers both online and offline. 

About this Website

It is important you know that your eyes are the most important sense organs of your body. About 80% of your perception comes through them. Without them your perception will be significantly diminished and you will be unable to operate at your full capacity.

Your eyes aren’t just there for you to see (eyesight). They determine your actions in response to your brain’s interpretation of what you see (vision). Therefore, your eyes are key tools for living, learning, working, playing sports and other tasks that require visual input. It is important that you care for them and protect them from hazards.

This website (eyecareng.com) is here to help you start your journey on eye care and protection. It is your go-to source for all the information you need to take care of and protect your eyes in Nigeria. It is continuously updated with information on:

  • Eye symptoms, diseases and other conditions.
  • Eye health and safety tips and guides for protecting your eyes and maintaining good vision.
  • Eye health and safety requirements for specific activities and groups.
  • Eye care facilities, services and products in Nigeria.

If you have questions and concerns and do not know where to get help, you can start your search on this website.  Browse the health information section to read and learn more about your eye health and safety issues as well as eye care and protection options available to you. To gain access to more eye care information and tools sign up to get notified when we schedule our consumer eye health education sessions.