Child visual acuity test

Why 20/20 Vision is Not Enough

The visual system is very complex and visual acuity is just a small part of that system. Other visual abilities and skills such as visual processing, interpretation and coordination with ...
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A girl looking at a tablet

Visual Skills for Learning

Visual skills are a group of skills needed for healthy and functional vision. They determine how well the two eyes work together (as a team) and how images perceived by ...
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Learning-related vision problems

Learning-Related Vision Problems

Learning-related vision problems are vision problems that have the potential to affect learning. They occur due to deficiencies in how and what the eye sees, how visual information from the ...
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eye patch

Squint: Diagnosis and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment of squint is important for good visual outcomes. Treatment of squint is necessary for the prevention and treatment of amblyopia. It is also needed to restore ...
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Types of squint

Squint (Strabismus)

Squint is a condition in which the eyes are misaligned. It is also known as strabismus, tropia or crossed eyes. It can occur at any age but it is more ...
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Sources of vitamin A

Vitamin A Deficiency and the Eye

Vitamin A is important for healthy vision. Its deficiency in the body is a major cause of preventable blindness and severe visual impairment in children. Routine administration of vitamin A ...
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Illustration of normal eye and eye with cataract

Cataract in Children

Cataract is a condition whereby the usually transparent crystalline lens in the eye becomes cloudy. It can affect one or both eyes and should be removed as soon as possible ...
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Glaucoma image

Childhood Glaucoma

Childhood glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that cause progressive damage to the optic nerve in children. It is usually associated with high pressure in the eye and if ...
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illustration of vision in healthy eye and amblyopic eye


Ambylopia, also known as lazy eye is a vision development disorder in which an eye has reduced visual acuity that does not improve with lenses. It can lead to permanent ...
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Mother watching her daughter write

Help Children Learn, Take Care of their Eyes

About 80% of what children learn in school is based on what they see with their eyes. Therefore, good eyesight (vision) is essential for learning and development ...
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