By Eyecare NG

Comprehensive eye examination is an assessment of your eye health and visual system through several standard and specialized tests or procedures performed by an eye doctor.  The tests performed may vary from one eye doctor to another and could last up to an hour or more depending on the test procedures and doctor’s review.

Major components of a comprehensive eye examination include:

  1. History Taking – to obtain detailed information on your eye health and medical status.
  2. Visual acuity test – to assess how well you see things at far and near.
  3. Refraction – to determine whether or not you will need a lens prescription.
  4. Binocular vision tests – to determine the strength of your eye muscles and how well they work together.
  5. External examination – to check the overall health of the external structures of your eyes.
  6. Ophthalmoscopy – to assess the health of the retina, optic nerve head and blood vessels.
  7. Tonometry – to check the pressure in the eye and screen for glaucoma.
  8. Slit lamp examination – for a general assessment of the health of the eyes inside out to detect common eye conditions and diseases
  9. Supplemental tests – such as visual field test and ocular coherence tomography designed to clarify, confirm or rule out possible eye problems identified during the standard tests.

Comprehensive eye examination is important for the prevention and early detection of eye conditions and diseases. It is the foundation for making your vision last a lifetime.

In the absence of any obvious eye problem, you may assume that your eyes are healthy, but can never be sure unless you get them examined.  Some vision-threatening diseases like glaucoma may not show symptoms until irreversible damage has occurred; thereby making it difficult and sometimes impossible to manage them successfully.  Comprehensive eye examination can help detect these diseases in their early stages when they can still be treated and managed without complications.  Also, the examination can help identify risk factors for a disease giving you the opportunity to take precautions to prevent the disease.

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Eye Examination Procedures