In the past I looked at health conditions in terms of curable and incurable and thought that getting cured and being healed were the same thing. However, my own eye health challenges led me to discover that there is a difference between curing and healing.

In recent times, I have found myself getting concerned when patients who have already have a professional diagnosis of an incurable condition say things like, “I am short-sighted; what can you do to correct my eyes so that I don’t ever have to wear glasses again?” or “I lost most of my sight in one eye due to glaucoma; how can you help me get it back?” I believe that they would have already been told by the eye doctor(s) they consulted in the past that their condition has no cure (at least for now).

That a condition can be treated does not necessarily mean it can be cured. Treatment is care given to alleviate symptoms, stabilize a condition or improve it. It may or may not end up in a cure (that is, a complete elimination of that condition from the body). For most chronic eye conditions, the best a treatment does is stop or slow damage or bring about a remission but never completely eliminates the condition from the body. This is why they require consistent care to maintain good vision and prevent blindness.

So, when someone who already has a professional diagnosis of an eye condition like glaucoma or high myopia comes to me seeking for a cure, I already know that there is more to do than just provide treatment. I know that there is something about their condition that they are yet to come to terms with. So, before I recommend any further treatment, I will need to find out what the underlying issues are and determine how these can be sorted out.

It is not a bad thing to keep trying to find the solutions you desire. However, it becomes a problem when you focus on a solution that is not available and miss out on the best you can have. Beyond cure, there is healing.

As I stated above, getting cured means completely eliminating the eye condition from your body. Getting healed, on the other hand, means that with or without a physical cure, your mind is so strengthened that you are able to move on with life and live in a way that is healthy, balanced and fulfilling. Getting cured on its own doesn’t guarantee a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life. So why focus on it when you can’t have it? Why not pursue what you can really have?

As Steve Maraboli once said, “incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” You have the power to get treatment for your eye condition. You have the power to administer treatment as recommended. You have the power to improve your mindset. You have the power to identify and incorporate lifestyle changes that make the best impact on your vision. You have the power to do a lot of things; but what you do not have power to do is cure an incurable condition.  So, why not focus on the things you have power over and watch yourself heal.

This is to encourage everyone who has an incurable eye condition. Please focus on finding healing. Start taking charge of your eye condition now, get the most appropriate treatment for it, identify ways to manage it effectively and apply them consistently to achieve healthy, balanced and fulfilled life.