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early detection the best preventionThe eyes are very important for vision. Without them our perception and interaction with the environment will be significantly diminished.

Irreversible vision loss is often a very difficult experience to handle. It affects quality of life and depending on the severity, those affected may become a burden to those around them.

While most people are literally afraid of vision loss and blindness , many, especially those who do not wear or have no need for eyeglasses do not see any reason why they should have their eyes checked periodically. They, including those who have health insurance often think it is a waste of time and money to visit an eye clinic for a routine check. Many wait until they experience some eye symptoms before they visit an eye doctor.

Waiting until you have obvious eye symptoms can be risky. Many eye diseases like glaucoma and retinal diseases are asymptomatic in their early stages. Hence, people are often unaware of their existence until significant irreversible damage has been done to their vision. The positive thing, however, is that most of these diseases progress gradually over time and can be slowed or stopped in their track if detected and treated early.

Receiving treatment for eye diseases in their early stages increases the chance of treatment success, and reduces the risk of vision loss and blindness.

Getting a comprehensive eye examination done annually or as recommended by your eye doctor is  beneficial for the early detection of asymptomatic and sight-threatening eye conditions. There is a saying that “prevention is better than cure”. For many eye diseases, early detection is the best prevention.

If you have not gone for an eye examination in the past one year, schedule an appointment today.

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