The Price of Success Applies to Your Eye Health

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Success in anything requires commitment and relentless effort at the things you need to do. Many people know this and apply it to building the careers, businesses and relationships. However, what people do not seem to realise is that the price for success applies to everything including their eye health.

A man was identified to have high eye pressure during a free glaucoma screening. He was given an eye drop to use and asked to return one month later for a review but he didn’t return as recommended. Three years later he shows up complaining of seeing black patches in front of him. Eye examination showed he had developed glaucoma and had started losing parts of his visual field. Asked why he didn’t return as recommended, he said he was busy and besides the usual recommendation is to check your eyes once every year. Since he didn’t follow the doctor’s recommendation, why didn’t he at least adhere to the general recommendation of getting an annual eye check?  It turned out he had been going from one free eye check to another at different facilities. Unfortunately, free eye checks are often vision screenings. These screenings are limited and unless it is dedicated to identifying those at risk for glaucoma, the disease can be easily missed.

When the man was told that nothing could be done for the black patches in his vision to clear but that he had a chance to prevent further vision loss, he was disappointed.

Brian Tracy said and I quote, “the price of success must be paid in full, in advance”. So whatever you want to achieve with your vision, you must do what is required in advance. If your goal is to prevent an eye problem, you must pay the price before that eye problem develops. If your goal is to slow or stop the progression of an existing eye disease, you must pay the price before the eye disease progresses beyond control.

There are no shortcuts to maintaining a healthy vision and good eyesight. Make a commitment in your heart and mind to do what is required. This is the first step. Without this decision, you will not take any action.

Put effort at the things you need to maintain a healthy vision. This includes getting your eye exams done annually or as recommended by your eye doctor, getting treatment for your eye problem (if you have one) and protecting your eyes (whether you have an eye problem or not). It also includes devoting time, money and other resources to these efforts. Free can sometimes be a trap. It can sometimes do more harm than good. It could give you a false sense of wellbeing. Time is also of essence. Time not spent on health care will be spent twice or more on sick care

Finally, follow through with preventive care and treatment. This is as important as making the initial effort and increases your chance of success.

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