Does anyone in your family have a chronic eye problem? Does your work expose your eyes to hazards? Are you aged 40 and above?  If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then answer the next question.

Have you been paying special attention to your eyes? If yes, that is great! If no, this is something you need to take seriously. If you don’t, you could wake up one morning and discover that you have started losing your vision.

In 2017, I experienced an eye health scare that changed how I take care of my eyes and also broadened my knowledge and practice of eye care for persons with risk factors for eye problems. I have summarized this information in this book as five essential steps you must take if you want your vision to last a lifetime. 

If you value your vision, I invite you to get this book for free, read it and take the essential steps you need to preserve your vision. 

Dr Rose Azuike
Eye Care & Protection Guide

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