An eye injury can rob you of your vision and limit your ability to work, learn and play within a blink of an eye.
Protect Your Eyes
Prevent Injuries
Preserve Your Vision
Identify the eye hazards in your environment

Knowing the materials and conditions that have the potential to cause eye injuries is the first step to protecting your eyes.

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Minimize the hazards in the environment

Eliminate removable hazards or use work screens, machine guards and other controls to minimize hazards.

Book an eye safety and protection presentation
Always use the appropriate safety eyewear

The right safety eyewear protects you from irremovable and unanticipated hazards.

Adopt good eye safety habits

Wash your hands regularly. As much as possible avoid rubbing your eyes. Take care of your safety eyewear.

Have your first aid kit and eye was station ready at all times. This can help you act quickly if an unexpected eye injury occurs

Featured Eye Health and Safety Information
How to prevent eye injuries

Eye injuries can rob you of your eyesight in a blink of an eye. Prevention is certainly better than cure.

Eye injuries & how to manage them

The immediate care received when an eye injury occurs can make the difference between recovery and blindness.

What are safety eyewear?

Safety eyewear are equipment or devices worn over the eyes to protect them from hazards and prevent eye injuries.

Choosing the right safety eyewear

Choosing the right one for you is essential to achieving maximum performance and protection against eye injuries.