Reduce your risk of vision loss and live a healthy life, even if you have an eye problem that is not curable
This highly recommended, practical self-help book will show you how
Got a chronic eye problem or at risk of developing one and you desire to maintain good vision for life?


'How Not to Go Blind from Chronic Eye Conditions' is a highly recommended self-help book for preserving your vision and living well with chronic eye problems. Many people who have chronic eye problems and those at risk of developing them currently use it to manage their eye health better, prevent vision loss and live a healthy life.

Your vision is key to living a productive and full life. Ensuring that an eye problem does not become an obstacle to achieving this, is essential. This book is the tool you need to make this a reality.

Some reviews from people who have read the book

The recommendations in this book will go beyond helping you manage your eyes properly. It will also help you adopt lifestyle changes that improve your general well-being.

ISAAC - Reviewer from

This book gives practical and straight forward points on managing eye health. Very good points on managing Glaucoma

ALICE - Reviewer from

In my opinion, this book would serve to as a useful resource for patients and even eye care practitioners. Sharing your story is a brave move which evokes empathy. Letting patients know that a doctor suffered this level of ‘denial’ and came out of it should shorten that curve for a number of them. I love the content of the book, particularly the chapter on lifestyle modifications; Chapter 4.

EMMANUEL - Reviewer in Nigeria

This is quite an insightful read. The author uses personal experiences to demonstrate the gains of adopting pragmatic measures which promote a healthy vision, irrespective of any ongoing eye condition. I highly recommend this book for anyone who desires to build on their knowledge or learn best management practices for chronic eye conditions.

JOY - Reviewer from


An Optometrist and Public Health Specialist, Dr Rose has spent the past 15 years providing health services in eye clinics and non-governmental organizations. She received her Doctor of Optometry degree at Abia State University, Uturu in 2005 and her Master of Public Health degree in 2009 from The University of Sheffield, UK.

Inspired by her eye health challenges, she founded Eyecare NG in 2018 to promote positive eye care behavior and help people with eye problems live well with their condition. A trusted eye care and protection guide, Dr Rose is known for her patient forums dedicated to educating patients and empowering them to deal with their eye health challenges.

Dr. Rose is currently the Managing Director of Kesona Eye Centre, an eye clinic based in Lagos. She is available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as the Eye Care and Protection Guide with ID @eyecarengonline.



  1. Do you have an eye problem that has lasted for a long time?
  2. Have you been told by an eye care professional that your eye problem is not curable?
  3. Do you recently get a diagnosis of a chronic eye problem and you are worried you could lose your vision?
  4. Do you have someone in you family who has a chronic eye problem?
  5. Do you have a chronic health condition like diabetes or hypertension?
  6. Are you 40 years old or older?

Did you answer YES to one or more of the above questions?


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