Dr Rose Azuike
Dr Rose Azuike, Founder

Rose is an optometrist, a public health specialist and eye care entrepreneur with keen interest in patient empowerment, inspiring communication and practice development as tools for positive eye care behaviour change and practice growth. Her background includes eye care communication, research and strategy along with practice management, project management and occupational safety and health management.

Rose is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Eyecare NG, an eye care promotion and development agency focused on providing information, tools and self-management support required by consumers to maintain good vision and perform at their best despite their vision problems. She is currently the Managing Director of Kesona Eye Centre, a Lagos-based eye clinic committed to excellence in patient care and empowerment.

Rose started her career as an Optometrist in private eye clinics in Port Harcourt and Lagos State before moving to non-governmental organizations where she worked in different capacities – as a Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, a Research Review Team Leader, a Program Director and Public Health Specialist.

Prior to founding Eyecare NG, Rose contributed extensively to public health systems strengthening at the Points of Entry in Nigeria. She worked as a Public Health Specialist on the Pro Health International’s IRPHEN/US-CDC project which was focused on planning, preventing and responding to the importation of public health diseases into the country after the 2014 Ebola Outbreak. On this project, Rose facilitated the development of the first public health emergency contingency plan and provided technical support for the strengthening of the public health system at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. She also provided support to her counterparts in Ogun State and Abuja.

Following an eye health scare she experienced in 2017, Rose was moved to focus her public health promotion activities on eye care. A trusted Eye Care and Protection Guide, Rose is known for her patient empowerment forums that inspire positive eye care behaviour and help eye care patients acquire knowledge, build skills and access tools to improve and preserve their vision.