Dr Rose AzuikeA very warm welcome to our website!

In case you do not already know, Eyecare NG is an eye care promotion and development agency dedicated to helping people protect and maximize their vision for better performance.

My greatest inspiration for founding Eyecare NG came from an eye health scare I had towards the end of the year 2017. Despite being an Optometrist and a Public Health Specialist, I had not done an eye examination for some years and at that time was experiencing symptoms that were similar to that of a sight-threatening condition. The symptoms were very uncomfortable and affected my daily activities. While my fears were allayed after a comprehensive eye examination that revealed that my condition was due to a refractive error and excessive digital device use, I discovered I was also at risk for glaucoma. At that point the thought hit me. “If I, with all my eye care knowledge and skills could neglect eye care until I had an obvious eye problem, what then would someone who didn’t have these privileges do”. So, I took a decision to bring the importance of eye care to people’s consciousness and also make it easier for them to take action by empowering them with relevant information and tools.

I started Eyecare NG in June 2018 and so far it is been a rewarding experience. One year after, we have reached over 5000 persons with our messages. From the lessons learned so far, we have streamlined our activities to ensure concentrated effort and maximum impact on consumers. Through our activities, we overcome the knowledge, attitude and skills barriers that prevent people from seeking professional eye care. We teach, motivate and empower people with the skills and tools for maximizing their vision and preventing eye diseases, injuries and related conditions.

The foundation for maximizing your vision and getting it to last you a lifetime is having the right information, taking your eye health into your own hands and consulting an eye doctor when you should. Wanting to know more is a major step and I believe that by visiting this website, you desire to know more about eye care and protection. So, it is an honour to have you here. As you read and browse through the pages, I hope you gain satisfaction from finding the right information and solutions to your eye care needs and concerns. I also hope you are motivated to take your eye health and safety into your own hands and do what it takes to protect and maximize your vision.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Rose Azuike
(Founder and Program Director)