60% of children with vision problems have difficulties learning at school. Most of them, however, can learn and perform at their best if they are detected early and given the right care.

How would children with vision problems know it since they think that everyone sees and interprets the world the way they do? How would they receive the right care if they do not even know they have vision problems?

Parents, teachers and other child caregivers have a duty to observe children carefully to identify those that may have vision problems and get them the right help before their learning and development becomes adversely affected.

In response to feedback received from parents and  teachers who attended  our Empowerment Forum on identifying and helping children learn better with their eyes,  this training is now available for onsite delivery at schools and other organizations that work with children.

During the training, participants will learn:

  • The skills children need to learn effectively with their eyes.
  • How to identify children who have vision problems.
  • What to do when they identify these children.
  • How to manage children whose vision problems cannot be cured, so that they are able to learn and perform well at school.

If you would like your school or organization to participate in the training, fill the training booking form below and submit.

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