Vision is key to aging gracefully. However, as we , our vision changes and some problems that make it difficult to read, unsafe to drive and challenging to remain active may develop. Learning to identify these problems, stop or slow their progression, and effectively manage and cope with them can make the difference between enjoying and getting frustrated with life as we age.

Our next empowerment forum is titled AGING GRACEFULLY WITH VISION CHANGES. It will be focused on discussing age-related vision changes and how to prevent, manage and cope with them in order to live life in full.

This is a special forum for the elderly (50 years and above).

DATE OF FORUM: 7th December 2019

VENUE: Grace Soiree 4.0 (a hangout for the elderly organized by The Naija Seniors Enthusiast.
65B, Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos. Time is 10am

TIME: 10am

Access to the event is free but reservation is compulsory. To make reservations for yourself or for your loved ones, call Ruth on 08061294305 or send a DM to @theseniorsenthusiast on Instagram