September 2019 Empowerment Forum

If you were at our Free Empowerment Forum in August, you would already know it was an amazing and enlightening event.

We invite you to join this month’s forum titled, “GLAUCOMA: STOPPING THE SILENT THIEF OF SIGHT IN ITS TRACK”.

During the forum, you will have the opportunity to discuss with eye care professionals and find answers to questions concerning glaucoma, including how to detect it, manage it effectively, prevent blindness and live a normal life as much as possible (if you have already been diagnosed with the condition).

There will be free glaucoma screening for the first 20 participants.

DATE OF FORUM: Saturday, 28th September 2019
TIME: 11am
VENUE: Kesona Eye Centre, 121 Itire Road (beside Union Bank), Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos.

Access to the forum is free but reservation is compulsory as seats are limited.

To reserve your space, call 09071647436/08057432289 or send Whatsapp message to 08057432289 or send an email with subject “Empowerment Forum” to Reservation closes once the seats are filled.

If you know someone who would benefit from this forum, we encourage you to share this information with him/her. 

With the right knowledge applied, we can stop glaucoma in its track and maintain a healthy vision for life. 

Do you want to reserve your free space now?